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Do your workers operate drills, presses, lathes or another type of heavy machinery

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In a manufacturing or industrial setting, there are a number of reasons why it's important to choose the right industrial machine lighting. These reasons include increased safety, efficiency and productivity, as well as reduced cost. You should take special care to choose industrial machine lights that are specifically designed to meet the demanding needs and standards of an industrial environment. Here's why:


Do your workers operate drills, presses, lathes or another type of heavy machinery? If so, proper lighting is a vital component of safety. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration sets specific standards for industrial lighting, including industrial machine lighting. The regulatory agency does this in order to provide a safe working environment for all workers. A purpose-built industrial machine light like DUR-A-LITE is designed to help your place of business meet those standards more easily by providing specific features. Those features include the ability to mount the light on a machine in a number of different ways so that you'll always be able to direct the illumination to the work area. That illumination is a vital part of safe machine operation.

In addition to visibility, there is another area where purpose-built machine lights provide a safer environment. DUR-A-LITE, as an example, is enclosed in a special housing that prevents breakage from flying chips and other detritus of the manufacturing process. But a housing can serve other purposes as well. Depending on the setting and the materials being used in manufacture, you can also select DUR-A-LITE models with a housing that protects the bulb from exposure to chemicals that can weaken it, cause breakage or reduce its life.


Industrial machine lighting has an obvious benefit: it increases efficiency and productivity. Clearly, there's more to proper industrial lighting than wattage and lumens. DUR-A-LITE can be mounted in many different orientations so that the light is directed at the right angle to illuminate without causing glare or eyestrain. With the lights positioned correctly, employees will spend less time straining to see their work and be able to work more quickly and efficiently. Poor illumination can also cause headaches and other ill effects, which can result in decreased productivity.


Every business needs to make a dollar stretch further. High-quality industrial machine lighting can save you money in several different ways.

* Longer Bulb Life: The vibration of heavy machinery can shorten the life of ordinary light bulbs. Lathe lights, mill lights and press lights are made with special housings that reduce the effect of the vibration on the bulb. You save money by not having to replace them as often.

* Avoid Regulatory Fines: Providing the appropriate industrial machine lighting helps you comply with regulations and avoid fines.

* Reduce Injuries: Better lighting means fewer injuries, and less money spent for medical claims and workers' compensation claims.

Look for a high-quality line of industrial machine lighting products that include lights, housings and mounts for use with drill presses, lathes and other types of heavy machinery. The line should include mill lights, lathe lights, press lights and lights designed to mount on nearly any type of machinery.

Are you looking for the right commercial ice machine for your business

Le 8 July 2017, 05:58 dans Humeurs 0

Are you looking for the right commercial ice machine for your business, but are not sure what the right type is? There are many different types available and that is why it is imperative that you take the time to research and compare all of the machines you can find.

By researching and comparing the machines you will be able to make a more informed decision about the ice machine that will meet all of your ice requirements. When you are looking for the right commercial ice machine, there are some important things to consider before deciding on what to get.

Here are the most important things that need to be considered.

1. What size of a machine are you going to need? You have to be sure that you are getting an ice machine that will fit in the space you have for it. It is also important to get the right size of machine so you get all your ice needs filled. Always keep these two things in mind when shopping for the right machine and figure out exactly what you need before looking.

2. What type of ice will you need? There are different ice machines that produce different types of ice. Different businesses use different types of ice, so depending on the type of business you have will determine what ice you need. The different ice that you can get is cubed ice � whole or half dice sizes, flaked ice and nugget ice.

3. Should you get an air cooled machine or water cooled one? You want to take the time to research both types because this is the best way to determine which type would be the best for your business. Each of the different types has their pros and cons, so make your choice carefully.

4. What is the maintenance going to be for the ice machines? It will be up to you to keep it running and if there are any problems, you want to be sure that it can be easily fixed. Your ice machine is vital to your business, so always check out the maintenance before deciding on the right one to get.

These are the most important things to consider when trying to find the right commercial ice machine. Always take time for the research and comparing because this is the only way to be sure you are getting the right machine the first time.

Are you looking for the right commercial ice machine for your business, but are not sure what the right type is? There are many different types available and that is why it is imperative that you take the time to research and compare all of the machines you can find. There are some important things to consider before choosing the right machine, find out what these things are now.

The 'development' as well as reproduction of non traditional Briquetting Machine

Le 8 July 2017, 04:26 dans Humeurs 0

The 'development' as well as reproduction of non traditional Briquetting Machine is focused on the way to skilfully meeting the particular energy prerequisites. It decreases the particular waste material of conventional energy sources to a substantial level. There is a wide range of Briquetting Machine and Briquetting equipment. The particular briquettes items like Cummine waste, groundnut shells, macoddana shells, castor seed shells, almond shells, forest leaves, cotton salk, bagasse, jute waste, etc. Might be processed on these Briquetting machines to produce the finished product that provides a non conventional method of obtaining energy or maybe electrical power.
Everyone is familiar with the side effects of this waste. The environment is continuously getting degraded with this and if our surroundings is not good how can we live a healthier life. That is what these manufacturers have kept in mind and brought an innovation called briquetting machines. Briquette Press takes this waste as an input and treat them in an environment friendly way. After treatment what we get is briquettes, which can be further used in different things like wood briquettes are used in boilers, biomass briquettes to be use as fuel replacing expensive coal.
There is no doubt about the fact that the demand of renewable energy has been increased now days. However; the proper use of natural resources might not be visible at the time. It can be expected that after 20 years the uses of natural resources for the purpose of biomass energy will be increased to 100%
If you are producing the products at large scale then it would be better to own a Briquette Plant than to hire someone every time. This is because your own plant will cost you very less except the one time cost of purchasing it. Let’s take the example of biomass briquetting plants. The exporter of such plants are well experienced and highly qualified enough, to create a wide array of excellent and supreme quality machinery.
No one can deny from the fact that Briquetting machines are in high demand. This is because these machines not only convert waste material of the industries into useful products, but also saves environment from different kind of pollution. Industries plays a major role in increasing the pollution and with the advent of different briquetting equipments as well as installation of briquetting plants, one can get rid of this pollution.
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